Jul 05, 2017

Hello my fellow mystery fans! I should probably add “and horror fans” since this week I’m bringing you mystery/thrillers that are great for fans of horror! I know it isn’t October but horror fans generally read the genre all year round, and it’s summer which means there are plenty of people sitting around in cabins and swimming in lakes unaware that ax murderers are running around in the woods. Basically summer is also the perfect time to read mystery/thrillers with horror nods.

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Detective Fiona Fitzgerald maneuvers between two vastly different worlds, moving quickly from opulent State galas to gritty crime scenes. When a string of inexplicable murders rocks the hallowed streets of central D.C., Fiona finds herself charging through the shadows of a mysterious conspiracy where the only answers to her case seem to be whispered from the bloodstained graves of fallen presidents. Fiona stands ready, her finger on the trigger, as an assassination plot decades in the making is about to change history forever.

Ever wondered what Annie Wilkes and Norman Bates baby would be like? It would be this book!

Perfect Days book cover: an open suitcase that is empty with pink liningPerfect Days by Raphael Montes: I read this two years ago and I still–and forever will–shudder at two things in this novel. The creep factor is cranked way up–I never remember the difference between psycho/sociopath but let’s just say Teo is all and everything wrong with a person. Teo meets Clarice and decides he wants to date her. Clarice is not so much into the idea. But Teo isn’t taking no for an answer because he thinks that he can convince her that they should be together so he kidnaps her and decides to hold her hostage in a cabin until she changes her mind. This had me gripping the novel so tight my knuckles were white! *Forever shudders

For fans of slasher films!

SecuritySecurity book cover: black background with white frames inside each other giving illusion of hallway leading to red door by Gina Wohlsdorf: If you’re a fan of slasher movies, this for me was that in book form. Picture a high-end resort days before opening as employees rush to finish every last detail in order to be ready for the first guests. Now imagine there is a killer amongst them picking them off one by one and they aren’t even aware! If you like shouting things like “Don’t go in there!” and “Look behind you!” you’ll enjoy this one–just don’t expect them to listen.

For fans of serial killer arcs on procedural shows:

The Fourth Monkey book cover: white background with scribbled writing and silhouette of body with bloody palmsThe Fourth Monkey by J.D. Barker: When the serial killer known as the Four Monkey Killer is struck by a bus and killed, Chicago residents and police should be relieved, except this is the beginning of the novel so of course he was carrying a package containing the latest victim’s ear. Yeah, I said “ear.” See, this serial killer kidnaps his victims–always women who are relatives of those he intends to punish–and sends their ear in a box. Next comes their eyes… Found in the serial killer’s pocket is a diary which Detective Porter hopes will help locate the most recent victim. Alternating chapters take you into the investigation which follows Porter, his partner Nash, and fellow detective Norton as they try to find the latest victim before she starves to death; the victim who wakes up to find herself kidnapped and missing an ear; the serial killer’s diary telling the story of his childhood (not the typical serial killer childhood story). The gory bits–even more than just ear and eye removal–and the end is horror-ish enough for both fans of procedurals and horror.

For fans of fictional horror massacres:

Final Girls book cover: black background with red lettering and the i in each word is a white slashFinal Girls by Riley Sager: You know those horror films where a group of people are all in one place and there is a straight up massacre? Well Quincy Carpenter survived one of those massacres years ago–hence getting the title Final Girl–but she still has no memory of what happened to all her friends. She’s finally got her life in a good place when another survivor, from a different event, shows up at her door and another Final Girl is found dead. As Carpenter and Sam try to make sense of being Final Girls it seems Sam is pushing Carpenter to relive trauma she would rather not… As readers we get to relive Carpenter’s weekend cabin stay as the story of what really happened slowly unfolds between the current day chapters.

Over on Book Riot: In the recent Read of Dead podcast episode Rincey and Katie talk about the difference between mystery, thriller, and suspense, along with giving recommendations.

AND, and, and, Rebecca and Jeff have a new podcast: Annotated. In the first episode (think podcasts like This American Life, Planet Money for format) Rebecca and Jeff look at 1984 taking over the best selling spot, how our current political state influenced the resurgence of interest (soundbites included), an overview of the book, and how the book came to first exist— super interesting, and my brain feels smarter. I’m looking forward to the next five episodes this season! If this sounds like your jam you can listen at the above link and subscribe via Apple PodcastsGoogle Play, or whatever your podcast player of choice is.

Rolling Stone has 11 True Crime Books for Music Lovers.

I’ll be back next week with a funny cozy, suspense, and a great little Q&A with Kellye Garrett!

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Until next time, keep investigating! And in the meantime come talk books with me on Twitter and Litsy–you can find me under Jamie Canaves.

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