Hi mystery fans! This week I have a great historical mystery for Agatha Christie fans, a page-turner...
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Jan 15, 2020

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A stunning thriller from New York Times bestselling author, Jane Harper. Brothers Nathan and Bub meet for the first time in months at the remote fence line separating their cattle ranches in the outback. Their third brother, Cameron, lies dead at their feet. They return to Cameron’s ranch and to those left behind by his passing: his wife, his daughters, and his mother. Suspicion starts to take hold and Nathan is forced to examine secrets the family would rather leave in the past. Because if someone forced Cameron to his death, the isolation of the outback leaves few suspects.

Hi mystery fans! This week I have a great historical mystery for Agatha Christie fans, a page-turner thriller with an interesting premise, and a mystery novel for Tana French fans!

For Agatha Christie fans! (TW PTSD/ addiction/ suicides mentioned, with detail)

a gentleman's murderA Gentleman’s Murder by Christopher Huang: This is a great read for historical mystery and Agatha Christie fans as the mystery starts in an exclusive club: a murdered man is found in the vault of the club after a friendly bet. Lieutenant Eric Peterkin, currently editing mystery manuscripts, and a member of the club, immediately decides this qualifies him to solve the murder–especially when he finds the detective shady. I really enjoyed the characters–while this is a standalone I’d love more time with Eric and his sister–and especially the setting of the period just after World War I, and how it brings to light soldiers’ PTSD, and the lives of nurses without feeling gritty or dark. I also really enjoyed how Eric would plot out the different scenarios he was positing as the who and why for the murder mystery. A seriously great mystery to curl up with. And I look forward to picking up whatever he writes next.

Page-turner thriller! (TW partner abuse, including past sexual/ stalking)

Stillhouse Lake cover imageStillhouse Lake (Stillhouse Lake #1) by Rachel Caine: The premise of this is what got me to pick this up real quick as it follows a convicted serial killer’s wife as she tries to hide from him and the world. Gina Royal had no idea her husband was not only a serial killer but that the victims were murdered in her home where she was raising her two kids. But when her husband was caught and convicted, the world didn’t really believe that anyone could be that unaware of something happening in their house, so she was forced to go into hiding with her kids. And that’s how she lives, changing identities and moving regularly until they finally, hopefully, find a new place to settle for a bit longer–I mean the constant running is obviously doing a number on the kids’ emotional states. But, of course, this is a thriller, so she isn’t going to find peace. Instead, a body is found in the lake behind her house just like the victims of her husband… If you like dark-ish thrillers and want to get sucked into a page-turner my very fried end-of-year brain really enjoyed this escape.

For Tana French fans! (TW drug addiction/ rape, including statutory not on page)

long bright riverLong Bright River by Liz Moore: If you’re a fan of Tana French’s writing and character driven mysteries that explore a law enforcement character’s job, cases, and personal life, this one is for you. Also, if you’re a fan of how Jane Harper turns the harsh Australian terrain into a character, Moore does something similar, but with the opioid crisis. Set in Philadelphia, Mickey is a police officer with a new partner, a single mom with an unreliable babysitter, and a sister, Kacey, who over the years she’s arrested for drugs and sex work. The novel takes you into now and then, showing how the sisters grew up–raised by a grandmother who never got over their mother’s death–the separate life paths they took, and how they became estranged. While, in the now, Mickey tries to locate her sister while working on a string of murdered women cases. This is a relevant, slowburn mystery that focuses on the exploration of toxic family and addiction. This was my libro.fm audiobook pick and the narrator, Allyson Ryan, really brought Mickey to life with this dry, exhausted by life but still trying as hard as she can manner–that may sound like it’s not a compliment but it is, I promise.

Recent Releases

The Missing American cover imageThe Missing American by Kwei Quartey (If you’re looking for a new PI series mostly set outside of the U.S!) (Review) (TW attempted rape on page/ suicide on page/ ableism)

How Quickly She Disappears by Raymond Fleischmann (A slowburn, historical suspense with a past missing person and a creepy new arrival set in a remote Alaska town.) (TW child abuse/ pedophile/ suicidal thought)

The Peacock Detectives by Carly Nugent (Currently reading: A young girl in Australia is writing this story as her father is teaching her to love literature, and she’s telling us about her detective work, starting with finding a pair of missing peacocks–delightful!)

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